8 June 2016


Eyes of the Skin

I confront the city with my body; my legs measure the length of the arcade and the width of the square; my gaze unconsciously projects my body onto the facade of the cathedral, where it roams over the mouldings and contours, sensing the size of recesses and projections; my body weight meets the mass of the cathedral door, and my hand grasps the door pull as I enter the dark void behind. I experience myself in the city, and the city exists through my embodied experience.

Juhani Pallasmaa The Eyes of the Skin

This is the way we experience our built world. Human. Visceral. Intimate.

It’s hard to overstate the difference that well considered work makes. Work that is made with integrity and respect. Work that engages the entirety our senses in a good manner.

PS. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole book.